Due to sometimes the schedule conflict, registration is preferred . Our program is free to the Public. Donation welcomed. New and experienced meditators are all welcomed. We will be closing the front doors once the Chan(Zen) Meditation practice begins. If you are late to the program, please do not leave and wait until we finish our meditation session. We will be opening the door again once we finish the meditation practice. 

​Pure Mind Center : 7825 Olive Blvd., University City, MO 63130
Tel: 636-825-3889 Email: [email protected]

We offer newcomer orientation program for those who are new
 and interested in learning Buddhism and meditation  
(This program open free to the public.)

          Step 1:   Write us an email indicate your name, contact number, experience in 
                                                 Buddhism & meditation practice and  the date of New Comer Orientation 
                                                 program you plan to attend.

                                    Step 2:   After we receive your email, we will send you a confirmation letter and 
                                                schedule an orientation date.

         Please send us an email to request an orientation appointment. 

​                                           Email: [email protected]     or call :  (314) 277-5640   

                                   Program Information

                                                                            Sunday Meditation and Study Group

                                                                            Sunday Meditation and Master Sheng Yen Dharma Talk  

   All of our activities have moved online via Zoom Video Conference. 
   Please visit our Friday night "Vitural Zen & Inner Peace Study 
   Group" for detail information.